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Quality Policy

International Regulations

LCPW is steadfast in its commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to producing top-quality pharmaceuticals that exceed our customers’ expectations. This dedication is fundamental to our operational philosophy and demonstrates our commitment to providing exceptional healthcare. To ensure our quality management system’s effectiveness, we comply with regulations and strive for continuous improvement. Strict International standards such as ISO, GMP, and cGMP serve as the foundation for our processes and quality assurance practices.

Product Quality and Responsibility.

The safety of the patients and the quality of our products are paramount in what we do. Our Quality Management System is constantly analysed for continuous improvement and helps forge a culture of quality throughout the business. Routine inspections are done often both in house and by regulatory parties to ensure our commitment to following internationally recognised standards of operations. Our Quality Control and Quality Assurance departments monitor every step in the manufacturing of a product and ensure our compliance to all regulatory requirements.


We believe that a skilled and motivated workforce is essential for an effective quality policy. We are committed to empowering our employees through ongoing training and development programmes. This training guarantees that our team possesses the necessary expertise and skills to implement our QMS policies and procedures with efficiency. Education and awareness are fundamental elements of our approach.


By promoting transparent communication and establishing explicit protocols, we guarantee that all participants agree with our quality goals. We and our partners uphold consistent standards of excellence and responsibility. Our advanced quality control laboratory ensures continuous monitoring and rigorous testing for product quality assurance. Our strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guarantees that every product we manufacture is effective, safe, and of the utmost quality. Through comprehensive strategies and procedures, LCPW reaffirms its dedication to leading the industry in quality and reliability, ensuring the continuous supply of products that instill confidence in healthcare providers and patients through continuous monitoring and improvement.