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A Fulfilling Environment for All

A safe working environment is essential and must be consistently maintained. At LCPW, we adhere to an exemplary code of conduct that foster a culture of cooperation, openness, honesty and respect for others. These values are crucial for building trust, safeguarding our clients and partners, and ensuring that our people find meaning in their work and reach their full potential – keys to our long-term prosperity. We preserve our culture and value through our long-standing employees, whose dedication to excellence, social responsibility, and ethical leadership define our company. This intergenerational exchange is essential in passing on the expertise that drives our success. Their dedication supports the personal and professional growth of everyone at LCPW, inspiring the future generation of leaders and fostering a deep sense of connection and belonging.

People as Partners in our Mission

We recognise that our people are not just employees; they are partners in our mission and our never-ending quest to deliver the highest levels of pharmaceuticals that improve and save lives. We invest in their growth and well-being, fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment. Together, we work hand in hand to achieve excellence and innovation, underpinning the company‘s success.

Embracing Inclusion and Diversity:

Diversity and inclusion are core to our CARE values and central to our mission. We actively foster a positive, motivating work environment by combating all forms of prejudice through various initiatives, such as mentorship programs, diversity training, and inclusive decision-making processes. As we are committed to the world we live in, we must reflect the diverse people and societies we engage with, and resonate with those who may still questions their place with us. To this end, we ensure our organisation embodies diverse talents and perspectives, including non-pharmaceutical professionals, with a comprehensive mentorship program to facilitate smooth transitions. We further take pride in supporting the advancement of women within our ranks, from entry-level positions to senior leadership roles. By elevating diverse voices and celebrating every contribution, we drive innovation, representation, and continuous growth for all. LCPW guarantees equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disabilities or background.

As actions speak louder than words, we aim to make our culture more inclusive and positive every day, where all can grow and reach their full potential.


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